Passionate About Inspiring Others

I love to inspire others and teach. I use to be a former Software Engineer but I quit my career right at the start as I could not imagine it contributing to my happiness. Having spent years studying and my whole life in technology, this was possibly the most difficult decision I have ever made. Admittedly, it took me a few years to get back on my feet having started from scratch, but I now live a more fulfilled and meaningful life as a result of that. My passion is to help others to transform their lives in the way I have managed to do, through the art of Public Speaking.

When I am passionate about something I usually tend to be the lone wolf who figures things out all out by himself through sheer repetition and trial and error. My method is highly self-reliant and experimental, and in practice this can frustrate even the most patient student who fails to see progress. I am certainly no exception to this rule and I have developed a habit of working hard and believing in myself. I am humble of about my achievements and I am proud of my own success and those I have helped coach.  My seemingly pragmatic approach attracts people who are as passionate as I am with their personal development goals, because passion is the only emotion capable of smoothing out the bumps on the road. 

Over the last 6 years I've gone to over 1000 different events in order to find my passion in life. I met with over 20,000 people and they either didn't know how to advise me, or they tried to sell me their products to resolve my problem, neither of which I found useful. On my journey I made several stops in online marketing, hypnotherapy, and game theory, the latter being my most serious of them. But when I found out that the study of strategy was about as useful as solving a rubrics cube I quickly lost interest. In the midst of my search for the perfect career I developed a curiosity about public speaking. A few of my total number of events were spent going to public speaking classes and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I loved hated being in the spotlight, but I loved the boost of confidence that it gave me. It was a compromise I was willingly able to make with the understanding that it was just the same with any other physical sport - no pain no gain - except that this was now just mental.

My breakthrough came when I came back from a 3 week holiday to find out that the workshops on public speaking I have been doing for months now were cancelled indefinitely. I decided immediately that I will step up and lead these workshops in the same format as before. This meant that I had to establish myself as a business and start from scratch, but this didn't phase me as that fiery passion ran through my veins. I was determined to show people that there are benefits in doing public speaking and that it can be fun. With the spark definitely there and alive I decided to quit my full time job as a Data Engineer - which was only really there to pay my bills.


I sometimes wonder, why public speaking? Its a strange thing to practice  - a bit like it would be strange to practice walking. But I let my heart reason, and I fully embraced the opportunity to become a public speaking coach. 


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London, UK


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